Dr Toni B. S. Hundle MBChB FRCA FFPMRCA Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr Toni B. S. Hundle MBChB FRCA FFPMRCAConsultant Anaesthetist

Consent - Fees

Please go to the Fees tab at the top for a complete understanding of my fees.


My service contract is with you, the patient. I have no contract with the insurance companies or your clubs etc. By agreeing to my terms and the fees before surgery you are responsible for the whole amount of the fee and any shortfalls or top-ups. Hence it is vitally important that an estimate for your anaesthetic fee is requested before the day of surgery. This will usually need to be cleared with your insurer and you will be advised of the top-up liability that you will have. We recommend using the following email address








The fee is what I charge for all my services, before during and after surgery.

Your reimbursement is what the insurance company pay you after you claim.

shortfall is where your insurance company refuse to pay the full fee but you were not told about the fee beforehand.

top-up is similar to a shortfall, but you were made aware of the fee before surgery and agreed to pay the difference.

An excess exists for some insurance policies but has no meaningful effect on our contract of service.

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